Art for Kids, The Hague

Drawing, painting and 3D art work

Basic clay animal sculpture in the round

Lesson goals & objectives:

  • Students create a 3-dimensional animal sculpture.
  • The lesson incorporates art history (ancient Egypt), aesthetics, and criticism with a hands on activity.
  • The lesson focuses on sculpting techniques, design elements, and self-expression.


  • In-The-Round (3-Dimensional): A work of art which is viewed from all sides and has width, height, as well as depth.
  • Leather-Hard: Drying stage of clay which is slightly wet but stiff. The perfect stage for carving or incising designs into.
  • Scoring: Carving tiny slits into the moist clay with a fork or scoring tool before adding slip and joining.
  • Slip: Clay mixed with water to the consistency of a heavy cream or milk shake. Used to join clay pieces together.
  • Wedging: Kneading the clay to remove air bubbles while drawing some of the water out and distributing moisture evenly.

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