Art for Kids, The Hague

Drawing, painting and 3D art work

March Elementary art, 3D art

Mask making and 3D figures in motion IMG_2203

Mask making: (weeks 1 & 2) Children will choose from four different mask forms and use an additive method with polymer clay and papier-mache to create their own unique 3D masks. First we will watch a short video called “Masks of Many Cultures” by Crystal Video Productions. We will talk about:

What is a mask? A mask is anything used to partially or totally cover a person’s face. Masks come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They may be made from a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, fiber, shells, or papier-mâché.

Why do people wear masks? Masks may serve many different purposes. Some people wear masks for physical protection while at work. Actors sometimes wear masks as part of their jobs, too. In many cultures, masks are part of a costume for plays and theatrical performances. Such masks may be meant to convey a particular emotion or a well-known character from myths and legends.

  • For work
  • For play or celebration
  • For performances
  • For rituals or ceremonies
  • For physical or spiritual protection
  • In order to be someone else
  • In order to hide a person’s identity
  • In order to hide or display a certain expression or personality

I will demonstrate additive mask making techniques and ask them to decide what they want their masks to look like before we start. They will start with a quick sketch and then begin work.

3D figures in motion ( weeks 3-4) IMG_2130IMG_2198

Figures in motion (sculpture) instructional pdf


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