Art for Kids, The Hague

Drawing, painting and 3D art work

April Elementary art, drawing and clay

In April we will continue to work on drawing skills, revisit proportions of the human figure and head, so we can incorporate more people in our artwork, and make one 3D project.

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April 30th

We will start with a warm up drawing exercise that will act as a segway to our “Start with a Circle” lesson in May. Children will be asked to following simple drawing instructions to create an abstract picture using different kinds of lines and shapes. Then we will work on the 3D drawing skills and shading lesson plan (below) from the 2nd week of April.

3rd week of April

Clay People


2nd week of April

Goals / Objectives: Students learn and apply the basic fundamentals of still life drawing as they create an original compositions using found objects.

3D drawing skills and shading.

Lesson Description: Art elements and principles of Design: line, value, space, balance & emphasis

Vocabulary Terms:


Value – how dark or light a hue is

Space – positive space is the actual object, while negative space is the space surrounding it

Balance – symmetry (symmetrical or asymmetrical)

Emphasis – what draws your attention in the piece

Inference – to suggest something without really saying it

Imaginative – creative and original

  • Students choose 3-5 items different in shape, value and size and include one soft item.

Items to choose from: soft toys, legos, fruit, boiled eggs, jars, boxes, books, our 3D figures in motion, etc.

  • Student will place items in a pleasing manner to them, each item slightly overlapping the other, creating a still-life composition.
  • Student will draw a light line representing the tabletop on the bottom 1/3 of their paper.
  • Student will then draw an outline of the soft object, then sketch the remaining objects.
  • Student will then carefully observe items and fill in, where shadows appear, with varying lines to create value and contrast.
  • Students may erase for highlights or leave white.

1st week of April

Students will finish their Figure in Action 3D sculptures with gesso and paint.

I will take pictures of the kids “making their best silly face, or showing an extreme emotion,” while they are finishing up their 3D sculptures.  They are to include their hands near their faces in the photos.

I will demonstrate drawing the features step by step, using proportion and ratio of the human head before they start to draw.

Children will be encouraged to look in the mirror at their own faces, and use the photos, while they draw.

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