Art for Kids, The Hague

Drawing, painting and 3D art work

June, Elementary art



In June we will work on two art competitions and a 3D project.

Third & 4th week of June:

Modelling Clay and Playmais projects:

We will be working with modelling clay creations that start with simple shapes: a ball, oval, egg &/or teardrop shape, and coils. The animals/figures/fruit must all stand upright. Children will try to make expressive  faces using different tools, and add clothing and hair.

When working with Playmais children will be encouraged to build an environment and add animals, people, trees, plants, houses, etc., basically anything they can think of!

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Try this at home using the instructional PDF we will use during art:

elementary art figures

1st Competition theme (1st & 2nd week of June): My Mona Lisa

We will submit entries in July to Look and Learn Art, a London-based picture library specialising in educational images and a member of BAPLA (the British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies). I will submit the children’s finished artwork electronically.

Participation is on voluntary basis and small cash prizes are awarded. We are doing this for entirely for fun.



  1. All artwork submitted to Look and Learn must be the original idea and creation of the credited artist. Copying of any pre-existing image is not acceptable, whether visually or by tracing. Colouring in an outline printed or drawn by someone else is also not acceptable.
  2. Adults may give encouragement, but must not have a hands-on role in creating the artwork.
  3. Entries are grouped by age (0-7, 8-11, and 12-18) based on the child’s age 30 days before an entry is received by Look and Learn.

Lesson Plan: My Mona Lisa

Learning objectives:

  • To become more aware of Expressive color in painting
  • To become more aware of values in painting
  • To strive to paint with a monochromatic color scheme (optional)
  • To become familiar with Leonardo’s work of the Mona Lisa
  • To strive to paint with bold color scheme (optional)

1st week:

Learn about Leonard’s Mona Lisa and make a line drawing by drawing from a print of the Mona Lisa upside down.

2nd week:

Take your line drawing and turn into your own Mona Lisa parody. Bring her into the 21st Century!

Decide how you want people to feel when they look at your picture? Paint her like the Fauves.

2nd Competition theme: “A Bad Hair Day!”

Learning objectives: Expose children to the following artistic concepts: Proportions of the human head, different kinds of lines, shapes, patterns, values, and symbolism. Give them tricks to create a harmonious composition through balance and symmetry, which can be applied to any art project. Drawing from the imagination.


  • Children will be asked to draw either a girl or boy’s face and decide if it was to be a self-portrait, or a portrait of someone important to them? They add facial features, the name of the person and started to build their composition through line, organic and geometric shapes, symbolism and patterns in the hair. The requirements for this lesson included drawing a minimum of 5 different values, and 5 different line patterns. The values are achieved through variations of line thickness and distance.

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