Art for Kids, The Hague

Drawing, painting and 3D art work

September 2015, Elementary art (M-W-Th)

Working with the elements of art beginning with texture, line, value, colour, shape and form.

2015-09-02 12.48.59 (1)

Animal art

Mixed Breed Fantasy Animal Drawings  – Drawing/multi-media project 

We will look at full colour illustrations from the Book of Beasts, a medieval kind of natural history cum-zoological text that attempted to describe the animals of the world and to point out the human traits they exemplified. We will look to the illustrations for ideas and insight to invent our own creatures.  Students will take time with the planning of this picture and use it for our Balloons art competition projects.


  • Create an imaginary animal by combining parts of two or more animals. (Children will first draw their animals on newsprint and then we will start the assignement). Animals will be composed and coloured on black construction paper and cut out. The background will be created on a separate sheet of 300 gram paper.
  • Plan a color composition. Choose a limited colour palette.
  • Show pattern and textures with coloured pencils on your animal.
  • Create an environment for your imaginary animal.
  • Demonstrate skill in cutting and gluing.
  • Colour background/landscape, add balloons, to enhance the composition by repeating colours.

Part 2. Art competition submission:” Balloons” multimedia. Children will add balloons to their mixed breed animal pictures to complete this project. 

Week 3

2. Students will recreate their Mixed Breed Fantasy Animals drawings in clay.

Week 4

3. Cats and Dogs paper crafts.


Skill development: drawing, cutting, pasting, folding & colour composition.

Children can use pre-cut stencils for the heads or make one uniquely their own.


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