Art for Kids, The Hague

Drawing, painting and 3D art work

November, Elementary art (Wednesdays and Thursdays)

November themes– Trees, leaves, frogs three dimensional imaginary clay creatures, and the harvest season.

November 18 & 19- 3D project, Self-drying clay figures. PP presentation Self drying figures

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November 10 & 11 Family trees, drawing from the imagination.

Goals / Objectives: Students will learn the value of and how to incorporate symbolism as a means of expressing personal meaning as they create an original family tree, which represents their family and culture. They should be able to express the ideas they have set forth in their symbolic rendering. We will start this by drawing a simple Y tree and building the project from there. Children were also encouraged to add whatever is important to them to their to make their work more expressive.

Elements of art to explore: line, balance, symmetry, and positive and negative space.

Skills development: Drawing, balance, symmetry, vary the size of things in your project.

Art competition theme: Frogs

Children learn to draw frogs. Watercolour over line art. Elements of art to explore: colour, texture, line and shape.


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