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Drawing, painting and 3D art work

Elementary Art, February

Beaver mascot art competition instructional Powerpoint presentation In February (week 1, 2 & 3) we will work on submissions for the Bienniale 2016 art competition for Musee de Peinture, Saint Frajou, France. Last … Continue reading

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Holiday elves!

Assignment: Draw a picture of yourself (shoulders up) and make into a holiday or seasonal character. (( Snack: homemade gingerbread cookies they decorate)) Suggestions: Elves, Santa, Mrs. Santa, reindeer, angels, a … Continue reading

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NeoPopRealism project

This week our lesson is inspired by NeoPopRealist artist Nadia Russ. First we practiced drawing different kinds of lines as a warm up exercise. They then drew a variety of patterns using the different kinds of … Continue reading

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Papier Mache

Assessment was based on the following; 1. The sculpture must stand on it’s own. 2. The sculpture is representative of the child’s sketch 3. No cracks or holes in the … Continue reading

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Drawing basic shapes using charcoal

1.  Everyone practiced their drawing skills by drawing basic shapes using charcoal. The children drew basic shapes creating a composition as they overlapped the shapes. Vocabulary development: overlapping, rhythm, size, balance … Continue reading

June 8, 2014


Students worked on a project called Eye Popping Paper Curls.  Students used quilling techniques to complete their compositions. US National Standards for Visual Arts Education Content Standard #1 — Understanding … Continue reading

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