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November adult workshop in linear perspective

2015-10-24 17.40.31When: Starting 16 November for 5 sessions, Monday evenings 7:30-9:30 PM.

Objective: To offer a working knowledge of one and two point linear perspective. This will include constructing an interior and exterior scene with figures in proper scale. There will be one lesson about proportions of the human form, after which students will add figures to their interior and exterior drawings.

We will learn to construct basic forms (i.e. cubes, cylinders, cones and spheres) in perspective. Students should be able to construct shadows at various aspects to create these basic building blocks of nature in your work.

In the last class we will create a still-life drawing where you can incorporate all of the above principles into your works of art.

Students will decide to either use a ruler or work freehand.

WEEK 1- One & two point linear perspective overview.


line of sight, vanishing point, eye level, horizon line, center of vision, station point, picture plane & ground plane.


height of eye level

location of picture plane

viewer to object distance

angle of object

In class work:

A. Draw cubes (boxes and rectangles) at three perspective angles: 1pt, 2pt, and 2pt angular perspective on, above and below the horizon line. (1/2 hour practical). Later, we make these into cylinders, cones & spheres.

B. Construct a one point perspective interior together.

Week 2

Step-by-step drawing continued:

Together we construct circles, cylinders, arches and then move on to build an interior starting with a gridded floor. 

Week 3


We continued with our one point perspective interior adding doors, windows, stairs, bookcase, sofa, etc.

Week 4

Constructed a 2pt perspective gridded floor and began to add furniture.


Week 5

A. Continue adding furniture to either your 1 or 2 point perspective drawings.

B. Construct a 2pt perspective exterior adding a pitched roof, staircase, etc.

Time permitting:

C.  Perspective circles

D. Drawing spirals within cylinders.



2 comments on “November adult workshop in linear perspective

  1. Caroline ducrot
    October 27, 2015

    Hello Joy,
    It is a super programme, very excited about starting !
    Shall I bring anything special (pencil, ruler, etc…)?
    Thank you !

    • Thanks Caroline. I am looking forward to getting started too. Maybe bring a favourite mechanical pencil? Otherwise, I will have what we need. See you soon!

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