Art for Kids, The Hague

Drawing, painting and 3D art work

Saturday, September Animal art workshop

We drew simple shapes (squares, rectangles, circles, cylinders, cones), learn to give them form through shading, and assemble the shapes to create animals. To simplify the process even further we … Continue reading

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September, Early Childhood Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Tuesdays 15:30-17:30: September 1, 8, 22 & 29. Wednesdays 15:30-17:30: September 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30. Week 1 September is “All about Me!” new friends, and clay! Cooperative art, Happy … Continue reading

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Art Competitions

Congratulations to 3rd Place winners Emma Schuhmacher and Emile Holder for their participation in the Beavor Mascot competition, Musée de Peinture de Saint-Frajou. Award granted April 2015  Emile Holder       … Continue reading

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September 2015, Elementary art (M-W-Th)

Working with the elements of art beginning with texture, line, value, colour, shape and form. Animal art Mixed Breed Fantasy Animal Drawings  – Drawing/multi-media project  We will look at full colour illustrations from … Continue reading

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Fall 2015, Elementary Art Themes

Themes to be explored in the Fall of 2015 Fall term: 31 August – December 21st 2015 Themes: September – Animal art Art competition theme: Balloons  October – Colour mixing & Halloween … Continue reading

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Fall, 2015 Early Childhood Art

Tuesdays (15:30-17:30) and Wednesdays (15:30-17:30) Projects will include cooperative art, age appropriate skill development, self-exploration, art play, vocabulary development and experimentation with materials. We will sometimes strive to make pretty pictures, … Continue reading

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July, Early Childhood Tuesdays

Our last Early Childhood art was on July 7th and our theme was Summer naturally. We continue to experiment with art materials, build vocabulary, explore and have fun! July 7th: 1.  Drawing from … Continue reading

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